Melissa Spies, AGNP-C

Nurse Practitioner located in St. Augustine, FL

About Melissa Spies, AGNP-C

Melissa Spies, AGNP-C is a board-certified cardiovascular nurse practitioner at St. Augustine Foot, Ankle & Vein in St. Augustine, Florida, where she specializes in adult-gerontology. Furthermore, Melissa possesses a background in electrophysiology that brings tremendous value to St. Augustine Foot, Ankle & Vein.

Melissa received a bachelor of science in nursing from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion. She then continued on to South University in Savannah, Georgia to obtain a master of science in nursing. Melissa began her healthcare career as a combat medic in the US Army before becoming a nurse then nurse practitioner and joining St. Augustine Foot, Ankle & Vein.