Compassionate care for foot and ankle wounds

Foot ulcers and other open wounds are a major cause of disability, morbidity and mortality. Varicose veins, poor circulation and diabetes can lead to open wounds.

Approximately 15 percent of diabetic patients develop foot ulcers. Some even suffer foot amputations, many of which are preventable with proper foot wound care treatment.

Foot and ankle wounds can be caused by traumatic injury, arterial and venous wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic wounds and wounds related to diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.
Older patients are also vulnerable to poor circulation, decreased sensation and impaired healing. Fortunately, wound care is a specialty of podiatry doctor Thomas A. LeBeau, DPM.

See Dr. LeBeau for foot and ankle wound care that includes:

  • Foot ulcer treatment and other foot wound care treatment
  • Leg ulcer treatment and other leg wound care treatment

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