I am 65 years old and have suffered from heel pain for several years and took early retirement because of it. I was afraid that surgery was the only solution for my foot and so put off going to the doctor. My daughter eventually took me to see Dr. LeBeau at his Foot and Ankle clinic. Now I wished I had come sooner.


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Stepping away from pain, one foot at a time…

Your feet take quite a beating in your everyday life. You can’t get where you want to go without them. So when an injury or other problem attacks your feet or ankles, you can find it difficult to move or enjoy life as you did before. That’s where St. Augustine Foot and Ankle comes in. Podiatry doctor Thomas A. LeBeau, DPM, is a highly skilled, dual board-certified podiatrist who wants to help you get back on your feet using conservative treatments and foot physical therapy to help you avoid surgery whenever possible.

What makes him the best choice in the area for your foot problem? Dr. LeBeau is preferred by patients and referring physicians because he pursues conservative, nonsurgical solutions first for foot or ankle pain. He sees surgery as a treatment of last resort after other approaches have failed. With the right technology, such as diagnostic ultrasound, and years of experience and training, Dr. LeBeau gives you the optimum podiatric care you deserve.

Dr. LeBeau provides the latest diagnostics and treatment options, including:
• Foot nerve conduction test • Foot physical therapy and leg physical therapy • Varicose vein diagnosis
• Varicose vein treatment • Foot circulation diagnosis and foot circulation treatment
• Foot ulcer treatment and leg ulcer treatment • Foot wound care treatment and leg wound care treatment
• Diabetic neuropathy diagnosis and diabetic neuropathy treatment • Diabetic foot care – diabetic shoes
• Orthotic shoe inserts • Heel pain treatment • Heel pain diagnosis • Ingrown toenail removal

If you are suffering with foot or ankle problems, a visit to St. Augustine Foot and Ankle would be one giant step in the right direction to get you back to pain-free movement and a better quality of living.

Call us now for an appointment at 904-824-0869. Please feel free to use our online Request an Appointment form.

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